Work has been a little different for many of us recently!

The way you work, the way you communicate and the way you do business, has changed. For some on a temporary basis, for others, forever.

What we have all learned is we need to be ready to work from any location at any time.

Let’s tailor the best solution for your business together.

Cloud Telephony

Time to think outside the square.
Transferring a business call to a personal mobile number is not an efficient business communications system.

Fixed monthly subscription

Flexible user plans from $19.95 + gst per month

Mix your user plans, not everyone is the same

Fully managed 24/7

No telephony infrastructure

Rich PABX features

Telephony / Video / Unified Communications

All in one meeting solution

Audio Conference and Desk top sharing

Talk and meet from anywhere

Web and desktop application

Why Cloud ?

Business Continuity is the primary reason, as COVID has demonstrated we need to be able to function at any location at any time.

Cloud telephony will provide all the core telephone system functionality as if you were in the office. This can be via physical phone, soft phone or smart phone app. Included is a meeting platform for all your Audio & Video requirements under a single secure subscription.

Cost Reduction

In most cases a move to cloud will reduce your telephony costs. No Telco line services, call charges, PABX support agreements and hardware to maintain.

An easy to use all in one cloud telephone system, collaboration and contact centre service. Regardless of locations, if you have internet access you enjoy all the business functionality as if you were in the office.

The Meeting Room

Work isn’t a place. It’s what you do.

The need to have human connection from anywhere has never been more important, Poly is a global leader in video and audio room systems.

Poly will allow you to easily create native MS Team’s or Zoom rooms regardless of size. Open SIP and USB compatibility will also allow you to use Poly with MiCloud Collaboration or any other leading video application.

Your video platform tailored your way.

Poly Sync 20 Personal Audio 

Poly Trio C60 Meeting Room Audio

Poly Studio X Series Video Bar, small to medium meeting room

Poly G80T Medium to Large Meeting Room

Integrating easy to use Touch Controllers, auto sectors can create a touch free start to a video conference. Many innovative video and audio combinations can be created to suit your experience, room size and budget.

Our Team

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Our customers range from 10 to 1,000 users across multiple National locations and Countries. Some of our installations are very complex and others are very simple, no business or industry has the same requirements. Each installation is unique to business needs. We have long term relations with customers that have migrated multiple times to the latest technologies with PTS. Customer loyalty is the privilege earned from quality, care and support.

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